Parents in Canada desire Christ-centered choices for the education of their children, where they will be acknowledged as their child’s primary educator. Increasingly it is evident that many parents are looking for alternative education programs that are clear in their objectives and place the child and learning at the forefront. Today, parents have lost their voice to an array of political and social agendas which are not based on research or best practices and present themselves in direct opposition to a Biblical worldview.

Students need an environment where they can grow in truth, joy, and confidence, where all of life and learning is related to God and His word. Students need safe places to learn a Biblical worldview, to ask questions and wrestle how to live in our world, to receive Christ-centered help with mental health issues, questions of truth and identity, and where they can develop naturally through childhood and adolescence.

Churches are communities of people responsible to represent Christ in their neighbourhoods. Education has always been an integral part of this work, particularly in missions. It is important for Canadian churches to revitalize this critical aspect of discipling their children while being open-handed to the children of other families not formally a part of their congregation.

Institutions require support to seek God’s truth, to hold a Biblical worldview, and to provide educational alternatives.

CCEM is largely focused on promoting new initiatives and casting a vision for various educational models. This not only includes various communication platforms but also through hosting online and in-person townhall meetings. CCEM also connects communities interested in starting a program with organizations that are able to partner with them and existing programs that have already started something similar.

The CCEM makes connections focused on bringing like-minded Churches and organizations together to promote all forms of innovative Christ-centered education that honors the role of parents. This includes homeschooling, cooperating learning centres, distance education, Christian schools, and other schooling alternatives.

The Canadian Christian Education Movement’s resources and information are designed to benefit churches, parents, leaders, and organizations in Canada who are looking to create impactful educational initiatives in their communities.

The CCEM can refer parents and churches to various models of Christ-centred education, give initial educational consulting, host events to bring awareness and resources to christ-centred education, provide provincial school legal advice, networking with other churches and organizations, and survey service. CCEM is able to help you in other ways as well, please reach out to us and start a conversation.

You can help support the movement in a variety of ways, such as initiating a new educational project in your church or area, becoming an educational consultant or board member on one of our local schools/projects, becoming a prayer partner by praying alongside us, donating financially to our CCEM fund, partnering your organization with the CCEM, or supporting our work in networking and hosting our town hall events in cities across Canada. Please contact us at

We pray that many new Christ-centered educational initiatives will be initiated and developed across Canada.

We plan to support Churches to pass on the faith to the next generation through Christ-centered education, leverage existing facilities and assets to educate children, empower families to engage in Christ-centered education, and create unity amongst communities of faith for the promotion of education.

Yes, the CCEM has identified a lead couple based out of Kelowna BC, to hold online TEAMS weekly prayer meetings and coordinate prayer requests.