Canadian Christian Education Movement (CCEM) started in 2022 when the leaders of several Christian organizations came together to positively impact the educational context in Canada for ages 3 to 18 across Canada.

The leaders of these organizations wanted to see a resurgence of the Canadian church embracing, supporting, or housing a wide range of educational initiatives* that would serve their local families and communities with Christ-centred, quality education.


  • Identify and unite like-minded organizations for the good of the Canadian church and families seeking Christ-centered education
  • Encourage Canadian churches to thoughtfully consider how best to serve families and communities regarding the education of children.
  • Encourage Canadian churches to empower parents and congregants concerned about education to be proactive.
  • Endeavour to connect the right organizations to the right churches depending on the community, educational needs and desired outcomes.


  • A place for like-minded organizations, churches, and families to come together to encourage, empower, and educate one another to catalyze transformational education in Canada.
  • A place for churches and families to find support for the education of children in a manner that honors the sacred role of parents and puts Christ at the center.
  • A unifying voice, crossing denominational lines that focuses on a Biblical worldview, Christ-centered education, and the role of parents in the education of their children.
  • A loosely organized group of Christian organizations, parents, and churches


  • A legal entity with a need to grow or assert control and power
  • A fundraising tool or funding platform
  • A political movement